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KeyNavi is free system to make webpages useful and accessible with keyboard.
KeyNavi provides most functions needed for web-browsing, such as go up and down, back and forward, reload page, shortcuts for links, etc.
Visitors are not required to install any software. The system works only if users visit the webpage which uses KeyNavi .
You can try KeyNavi in all pages in this site.
yContents: Press number key to visitz
Currently all pages are written in Japanese.
Please remember that you can go back to previous page with [Q] key.
1. What is 'KeyNavi'?
How to use, FAQ, etc.
2. Use 'KeyNavi' in your pages
Add 'KeyNavi' functions to your pages.
Shortcuts are easily implemented.
3. JavaScript@KeyNavi.Net
Many JavaScript code examples.
4. HTML,CSS bugs and workarounds
5. JavaScript bugs and workarounds
Helps when making webpages.
6. Texts and Fonts settings examples
With HTML tags and StyleSheets.
7. Some Photos,...
Photos changes automatically in 10 secs.
Stop if key or mouse button pressed.
Restart and Speed up with Shift-D/K.
Figure1: Navigation Model
Figure2: KeyMap
- This website is under construction.
- Most pages are written in Japanese.
- New feature(Link Focus, Auto Navi) will be added soon.
- Volunteers for translation from Japanese original
  to any other languages are welcome!

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